Wicked Revenge

In Post-Production

Starring Clara James, Clive R Cope, Daisy Leigh, Peter Richards, Natalie Husdan, Helen Pawson, Helen Lewis, 

David Lenard and Lucy Litchfield.  


Written by David Gowin. Production Manager Sarah Goodwin. Sound Recordist Megan Parkinson.  Hair and Make up Lynn Docherty. Music and re-recording mix by Ash Tidball. Produced and Directed by David Gowin. Northern Fox Films 2020.


Cheryl Robinson was having a bad day!


She is arrested for assaulting the girlfriend of her cheating husband Gary.

She is let off let off with a warning. In an act of desperation, she calls on the help of scheming Police Sergeant, Will Thorne. He guides Cheryl in her bid to get even with Gary. 

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