In Production 2021

  The Fate of Mary Jane Kelly             Wicked Revenge

The Wicked Revenge shoot began in the late Summer of 2019. Due to covid and the lockdown of Spring 2020, final production halted. The film is 95% complete with additional scenes being shot Summer 2021. The film is a wacky comedy written and directed by David Gowin. It's based on the old phrase "Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true!"  The film is expected to be released on Amazon Prime later in 2021.

The Fate of Mary Jane Kelly begins production late Summer 2021 in Salford & Cheshire. Written by David Gowin and starring Maddie O'Brien as Mary.

What if Mary Jane Kelly never died at the hands of Jack the Ripper but lived happily in the year 2021 instead? What if time cannot be rewritten and Mary's true fate is sealed? A feature length film expected to be released in Summer 2022 on Amazon Prime.

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